Designe Studies / Consultancy & Project management

This web site has been designed to present our skills and achievements to date

Some projects have remained in the preliminary design stage and others are under way or have been completed. In each case, they require design and

technical management skills including:

Accurate interpretation of the desing

Detailed budget analysis

Selection of the contractor(s) and contract negotiations

Construction management

Cost and progress control

Contact Details:

0660085393 / 26, Rue Nationale 37400 AMBOISE 

Mr. Chemss-Eddine BOUZIDI architect dplg


Information about us :



  • Diploma Architecte DPLG   School of Nantes Architecture
  • DNSEP Environmental Department  / Institute of Visual Arts in Orleans
  • Teacher and professional draftsman services to the Building AFPP 

In February 2001 / Establishment of the Architectural agency Cebarchi
Offices at 2 rue de la Vendée, 37000 Tours until January 2008 
Our team currently consists of two in-house designers 
and two external partners, one of which provides quantity surveyor skills. 





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Agency relocated in Octobre 2012 to:

26, Rue Nationale

 37400 AMBOISE     (in the Loire Valley)


  • Plans and specifications for all types of renovation and construction operations.
  • Overall design responsibility.
  • Preliminary design studies including feasibility studies and financial analysis. 
  • Professional advice to public and private investors.
  • Construction and renovation projects for local authorities. 
  • Estate and individual houses, new, extensions and renovations. 
  • Office developments for medical and paramedical personnel. 
  • Recreation center and educational premises. 
  • Chemist and shops. 
  • Home furniture design. 

Design Analysis and Project Management:

Feasibility studies at the outset, taking account of all relevant construction  regulations, environmental and urban constraints, target budget and programme.

This essential study allows you to establish whether or not and under what conditions you can undertake your operation.